School Problems

December 5, 2011
By Anonymous

High Schools are an excellent school where fellow classmates can enjoy themselves and educate themselves in a joyful manner. There is only one major problem that I think all school districts should look into. My classmates and I think that the school should bring back Arizona Iced Teas for Munchie Mania. Munchie Mania is where all the delicious snacks such as poptarts and cookies are sold at. When they first took them away everyone was in disappointment and shock. Many people bought them daily and they were making a lot of money by just selling them to students. Now unfortunately they stopped selling them due to the high sugar content. I don’t see a problem with having an Arizona for lunch. Hopefully one day we will be able to have tasty Arizona’s back in our school. Arizona Ice Teas may be full of sugar, but they sure do bring a smile to people’s faces and make lunch much more enjoyable.
One major reason for why they should bring Arizona Ice Teas back to lunch is because many people are happy to drink one after a long day of learning. It puts a smile on their faces after seeing that they gulped a delicious drink that they were happy to buy. I remember when they first stopped selling Arizona’s and everyone was in shock that they would take away something so rewarding. Many kids would buy an Arizona daily so that they could quench their thirst. Now they only sell bland water which has no flavor and taste. Also students could play a fun game called “flicks” which was a very fun and exciting game that involves 2 people trying to flick the tab off the can. Now you need to get a Snapple to play that game, but no one likes the taste of a Snapple. Lastly taking away Arizona’s brought down the schools profits. If they want to make a new school or get new equipment they should try to maximize their profits. As you can see taking away Arizona Ice Tea was a big step down that everyone was disappointed in.
All in all Arizona’s are needed in high school. There sugar content shouldn’t be the reason for why they take away a delicious and fulfilling drink. Many students were raged and angered that they can’t get a simple iced tea anymore. Now they only have the option to get bland water or a bad tasting Snapple. As you can see I am not thrilled that they took away such a good thing. Hopefully my words will spread throughout the town and other students that are facing my problem. That is one major problem that high schools face.

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