5 Things I Congratulate You For

December 3, 2011
By Darlajmo BRONZE, Manila, Other
Darlajmo BRONZE, Manila, Other
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Congratulations. I`m sure the first question that pops in your head is “Congratulations? For what?” Well there are so many things I congratulate you for. One of which is for breathing right now. Well it`s worth congratulating you for because that means you`re alive and kicking! And if you ask me, the last time I checked life is not all about dandelions and sweet candy. The second thing I want to congratulate you for is that even if I may not know you personally or maybe I do know you, whatever, but my point is that congratulations for being a kind person! Not a huge number of people would say this to you randomly on any day of the week unless you did something good for them or if you`re currently on a spiritual retreat or something to that category. The third thing I congratulate you for is having the courage to love. Well, not everyone has the courage to love somebody. That’s because at some point in each and everyone’s lives we all get hurt by different people and whether we admit it or not pain blocks off any form of love that can be shared to someone else. The fourth thing I congratulate you for is having the willing power to forgive others. Not everyone has the will power to forgive someone. The reasons for why this hard will power to forgive exists is because each and every person despises it when they have to push their pride to ground, and if you`re one of the people who is actually willing to push this pride down to the ground, then you`re worth to congratulate. Lastly, the fifth thing I congratulate you for is the optimism that you share to others. Optimism is not so popular in this day and age, which is why people like you are important. You bring hope to others, which will forever stick to them and eventually be the source of why they succeeded in a certain obstacle their life, congratulations.

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I was reminded that because of your busy lives people forget to give kind words of recognition to others.

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