My Summer

November 28, 2011
By Mekhi BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Mekhi BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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It was at night at the hotel we were staying in during the summer, and I cheered while I was playing UFC. I was winning a match just then my mom woke up, and the sounds of people screaming on the game probably woke her up. A few minutes after that my mom asked, if “can I play” the first game I beat her and then I beat her again. Then before we got to the third game she wanted to look at the controls so I let her. Then during that game she beat me, but barley beat me. Then I kept facing her and I kept facing her and she kept winning.
I won a few games but she won more. Later on my brother woke up and he wanted to face her so when he faced my mom he won then we had a competition.
The first round it was me versus my brother Nazr. Like always he beat me then it was my brother facing my mother and she won against him. My mom said, “Yay!”When she won and I heard a lot of cheering. Now every time she sees someone with the game she tells them that she beat us in it.

Later on I faced my mom in “Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare.” We played in every place. She killed me a few times but she never won. My brother started playing later on and then we had a three player game going on. It wasn’t really that hard for me to win because I am better than both of them. The score of the game went up to 7000 points so the game was pretty long. Then finally they went to bed and I just played “Call of Duty 3 Modern Warfare” online.

This happened when we were on vacation in the summer and we were at the shore. Later on we went to the beach and laid on the sand. The sand was warm; it felt really soft. Later on we went to a restaurant there and we bought something to eat and the waitress said, “How may I help you”. Then mom asked, “Can we order the appetizer really quick?”
Then it was kind of hard for all of us to share a bed because it was 3 of us but only 2 beds so my mom, and brother went to sleep and I just stayed up and played games all day until I got tired. My brother kept eating the pizza and then fell asleep. He didn’t even leave enough pizza for the rest of us.
I was watching TV and my mom said, "Why don’t we watch something everyone will watch?”
I said, “Because this is what I want to watch; I don’t watch what you guys watch.” Finally we took the plane home and it was weird after I got off because my ears kept popping so I couldn’t hear much. That summer was the one of the most memorable summers I have ever had.

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