Why Brittana isn't treated like Klaine

November 23, 2011
By skyfall SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
skyfall SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I love Brittana and Blaine/Kurt (Blurt? Klaine? Do they have a name?). They are simply my favorite couples of Glee (Don’t judge me for watching). I was reading an article via Facebook this week, because Facebook is my primary news source, and saw an article about the outrage over the most recent episode. For those of you who don’t follow along, last Tuesday’s episode was the “First Time” Episode, featuring the couples of Finchel (Finn/Rachel) and, finally, Blaine and Kurt. Now, no one was upset about the fact that the episode was basically about Rachel and Blaine trying to sleep with their respective boyfriends so they could “feel what Maria and Tony felt” In West Side Story. Does anyone else find it messed up that Artie even suggested that in the first place? I know Finn did, but apparently he got over it by the end of the episode. No, everyone was upset about the implied gay sex going on in the episode.

Let’s be clear here, this show is watched by twelve-year-old girls everywhere. It wasn’t graphic. They even left out details about Blaine and Kurt doing it that they left in with Finchel, such as the use of protection. The whole “Sex Scene” cut back and forth between the two couples, seeing hand holding, feet at the end of the bed together, noses touching, maybe some kissing. I think it was set to some music, too, just to add to the dramatic effect. Not graphic at all. Blaine may have had his shirt off (I think…), but that was it.

So, I’m pretty mad about these people protesting this at all, but what’s even more hypocritical is that Brittany and Santana have slept together since the first season, but I never heard much outcry about this. I know, gay boys are featured more that girls on television, and when the girls are featured, it’s usually considered “hot” instead of inappropriate. My friend thinks that it’s because “They can’t actually do it!” (She’s very squeamish about these kinds of things) I’m not sure what she means, that there’s not a penis involved? There are other ways. So, haters, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that you are Selective Haters. Pick a side.

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