What Has the World Come to?

November 22, 2011
By LRSibio BRONZE, Sunrise, Florida
LRSibio BRONZE, Sunrise, Florida
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What exactly are we trying to teach the children of America? “Sticks and stones may break my downs, but chains excite me”. That is directly quoted from the popular Rihanna song, “S&M”, which plays regularly on almost every pop music radio station worldwide. It’s almost like we are trying to brainwash the future leaders of America. What happened to values? Where did respect go?
Teenagers can listen to vulgar music and understand that it is just a song, but a child is much more impressionable. Especially when a child has an older brother or sister who listens to that kind of music all day and all night. More and more bad words and dirty phrases are finding their way to the public radio. Radio stations need to dial down the dirty a little, and they need to remember that everyone listening to their songs is not necessarily over the age of appropriation.
I’m sure that men and women working at these radio stations would not like their children listening to that kind of music, so why would they air it to other small children? It makes no sense. Sometimes, the world makes no sense.

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