& she wanted the world.

November 17, 2011
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Every little girl wishes to grow up rich, famous, and married to their prince charming, but deep down they know that’s just their fairy tale. As they grow up they realize there’s a lot more to life than their fairy tale dream. They begin to want more and more as their lives proceed on. The boys become more and more part of their lives and eventually some of the boys break the girl’s hearts. Girls will then think their lives are over because the one they “love” leaves them, but honestly it’s just a new beginning starting for them. They won’t realize it at that moment but eventually they will and they will thank that boy who broke their hearts because it made them stronger in their own little special way. Becoming rich and famous isn’t in their lives anymore, they just wish to leave their hometown and make something of themselves and find the man they truly love and eventually have a family of their own. So in the end, every girl grows up and wishes for something new because they stopped believing in fairy tales and saw how cruel life can be.

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