They Ask & I Tell Them

November 16, 2011
By KeenahBeenah BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
KeenahBeenah BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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<photo id="1" />-They ask me "Why you living life like you do?" and I tell them "Because I'm muslim."

-They ask me "Why are you muslim?" and I tell them "Good Question. I am muslim because its the only way to the truth. Being a muslim means to fully submits & believe in Allah with obedience. So in order to do that, i have to be muslim."

-They ask me "Who is Allah?" and I tell them " Allah is God. The one & only true God. He created you, me & everyone else you know and don't know. Allah is the arabic term for The One who deserves all worship."

-They ask me "How can you be so sure of this?" and I ask them "How can I not be sure? This world couldn't have created itself. And it couldn't have been created by more than One God because there can't possibly be more than One. God is powerful & if there were more than one, there'd be a lot of confrontation over who's going to be in control. Only one God can create the Earth, Humans, Universe, Heaven & Hell."

-They ask me " How do you know there's a Heaven & Hell?" and I ask "How can there not be? How can there not be punishment or reward for the evil & the good? How can there possibly be an ending where there's absolutely nothing? Life isn't just a game where when you're out, you're out."

-They ask me "But what if there's just a Heaven & not a Hell?" and I ask them "How is that justice served to not punish criminals? Allah is the most just and makes sure we are going to be treated fairly."

-They say then ask "There are other religions where they believe solely in One God. Why not join one of those instead?" and I say "They don't do it right. The other religions make it 3-in-1 when it's One God. And they don't have an understanding on how to worship Him, what the purpose of life is, or what the big deal is."

-They ask "And can you answer how to worship God, what the purpose of life is, and what the big deal is?" and I reply "Yes. I can. The purpose of life is to worship Allah alone. He didn't create us just for the purpose of enjoyment (partying, hanging out, or doing nothing). Not that there's anything wrong with doing it from time to time, because Allah doesn't want us to be miserable, but doing it day and night, is not why we're here. He gives us joys & simple pleasures at all times (Life, family, FOOD, house, cars, friends, activities, money to buy things we like). Why would we be put on earth just for fun & then given a life of even better luxury (heaven) ? Isn't one of the most famous sayings 'You have to work hard in the beginning, to get what you want in the end?' Well this life is just the beginning & its very short. Heaven & Hell are forever and that's why it's a big deal. The little time we spend here on Earth is nothing to the forever we'll spend in the afterlife. & He should be worshiped by being thanked, praised & thought of on a regular basis. By being worshiped how He tells us to worship Him and not how the people want to do it or any made up ways."

-They say "That's deep." and I say "I know."

-They ask "Why do you cover" and I say "Firstly, because Allah tells me to. Secondly, its a modesty thing. Having modesty is being free of being too proud or boastful of your appearance. It's good to appreciate your good looks but shouldn't Allah receive the thanks & praises for giving you those pretty looks? It also helps lower the gaze which decreases lust. And I know I'm not the only one who notices that lust leads to heartbreak, pain & unnecessary drama. Women are precious jewels who should be respected & treated as such. Their beauty is rare & should be displayed to those who earn it, not everyone."

-They say "But it's too hot to cover in the summer." and I say "Hell is hotter. 70x's hotter than the hottest fire of this world. And it's forever. I can handle a few hot summers."

They ask "Why do you pray so much? I heard you pray around 5 times a day." and I say "and this is true, but how can you pray too much? No way you can thank & praise Allah enough."

-They say "But I don't understand where the fun is in life. Why can't you enjoy it?" and I tell them "I'm having fun! May not be the most fun ever and it may be innocent, but I'm enjoying my life. I have knowledge of my Lord, FOOD, family, friends, books, my phone, my computer, and I know what I'm here to do. I'm great!"

-They ask "And what keeps you so strong in what you say?" and I simply reply "It's because I believe. Nothing I said, have read, or have knowledge about, or what has been stated in the Qur'an (final book of Allah) has been proven wrong. Nothing has ever been as true and real as this is for me."

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this article were all the questions I constantly get about my religion. I just decided to make an article that I could share with anybody who has questions :)

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HaagenDazzle BRONZE, Fargo, North Dakota
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Alright I really like your reasoning and examples here.  It shows Islam from a logical perspective when compared to other reasons people give to defending life or proposing its purpose.   A verse in the quran states "every day there is a new creation" (if I remember the translation well) and this is just scientific- consider evolution in terms of genetic drift, or  the changes occuring in our universe with its expansion (ever heard of dark energy or dark matter?) these simplest things have a quranic proof.  Why wouldn't God just tell us about dark matter, for instance, in the quran, well... what would the purpose of life be then if we just sat around!!!!????  the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) once said " work is worship"  In other words life is a test, and the time we have alive is our hope. Peace y'all :)

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