Inspire the Uninspired

November 16, 2011
By AliNicolosi GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
AliNicolosi GOLD, Marlton, New Jersey
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"I struggle but I'll survive"

Never more scared in my life. The overwhelming feeling of alone and you have no idea how things will unfold. I can’t imagine what my future will bring to me tomorrow. My life spirals out of control on a daily basis. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle it.
I just want to be inspired. I want someone to give me a reason to believe that things won’t stay in the dark forever; that soon there will be light in my life again. I want someone to give a reason to live everyday different. I want someone to introduce me to something new, something I’ve never felt before.
I want someone to share their thoughts with me just so I know I’m not the only one who thinks as I do, ever so freely. I want a reminder that things will be okay and that I’m not in this life on my own.
I believe that people serve as chapters in my life and they aren’t meant to be around forever. I’ve had people walk on me, betray me completely and try anything in their power to break me down to nothing. But I know if it doesn’t kill me it only makes me stronger.
I can withstand so much and overcome what I never believed possible because of experience. Shaping myself into who I am now was a difficult task. I never thought I’d be forced with this life. I never thought I could handle this responsibility.
I just want to be happy, on my own, without someone else being the reason. I want to be able to not feel lonely all the time or that I need other people to be the reason for my happiness. When I’m alone and by myself I no longer want to feel vulnerable because that’s when I think the most clearly about matters. Then, I am no longer surrounded by any other influence.
I want to be someone who made a difference in someone elses life. I want to do something shocking and mind blowing. I want to be able to say I did something extraordinary. I don’t just want to be average. I strive to be a person that has the ability to do amazing things.
I want to be excited to wake up on a Monday morning and be legitimately happy just for the fact that I never know what is to come next. I want to succeed and take my dreams further than even they ever imagined possible. I want go above and beyond and do something fantastic and unheard of.
I’ll no longer feel like life is in control of me. I have to ability to be something great. I won’t allow myself to be someone average. To have goals and morals is something mundane, but to actually take off running with them is something society is unknown for. I don’t long to be famous or have my name on billboards. I wish that I reach individuals on a different level then they’ve ever been met before. And because of this, I hope that even when I’m gone, they’ll remember my name. Because in whole, that’s all that really matters. When it comes down to the end, you only have yourself and the influences others have impacted you with.
I want to impact someone to make them a better person, as many others have done for me. I will be something aspiring. I will be remembered for my differences I’ve made, not my mistakes.

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