16 and Pregnant

November 16, 2011
By TashaRivera BRONZE, Bethlehhem, Pennsylvania
TashaRivera BRONZE, Bethlehhem, Pennsylvania
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The nervous point when your in the bathroom, waiting. Scared thinking about the future and how your life is going to change forever. Thinking back on the unprotected sex that you shouldn’t have had. Knowing you were wrong. The clock moving by slowly. Tick tock! The three minutes is almost up. You start to cry and drop on your knees when the two lines show up. You run out of the bathroom and into the arms of the boy your madly in love with. He doesn’t know what to say. He smiles and you feel warm inside. Now you guys must think of a plan. How are you going to tell your parents? How are you guys going to afford the expense of the baby? Are you ready emotionally, physical, and mentally? Its a big step with so many question. Weather you believe in adoptions, the guy your with and you must answer all of these questions. Are you ready to be that girl? Protected sex may not always come to mind when the time is right but its what’s best. My sister went through this she is now 19 years old, her baby is turning three on December 28. She struggles all the time. She has moved in and out of my house over the past few years. She is now on WIC food stamps, social security and housing. All of this just to make it by in life for her and her child. She cries sometimes because of the stress. Locking her self in the room. The baby crying for the littlest thing. I myself do not believe in abortions. A baby is a blessing, some people cant even receive. My opinion doesn’t matter, what matters is will you be that girl?

The author's comments:
One of my inspirations are my mom and my sister-- both pregnant at 16. Another inspiring thing is looking at all the girls walking around my school pregnant.

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