You Have My Heart (At Least for the Most Part)

November 12, 2011
By BrandonH.84 PLATINUM, Long Lake, Wisconsin
BrandonH.84 PLATINUM, Long Lake, Wisconsin
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"Being tired isn't the same as being rich, but most times it's close enough." -Chuck Palahniuk, "Fight Club"

“That old saying, how you always hurt the one you love, well, it works both ways.” Being close with somebody can be painful. Think of a burn or an abrasion, perhaps a laceration, or maybe a break. It very much takes its toll. However, being close with someone might be the only thing keeping the world and its endless trials from taking its horrible toll on you. Having a bond with someone has its ups and downs, whether that bonds strong or whether it’s weak; it has its ups and downs.
Caring for somebody has a rather significant effect on your spirit, which is a hard to define, but certainly recognizable, concept. One factor relating to this difficult concept is that knowing that you’re close to a certain someone can, to put it rather simply, make you happy. That amazing feeling you get when you’re waved to, when all of a sudden you’re that over-friendly guy with a silly grin on his silly face, that’s real joy. That feeling in your guts when you’re given a hug, that’s absolute happiness. As contrast to all of this happiness, being “connected” with someone can also make you rather miserable. Unfortunately it can’t be denied. That dreadful feeling when they don’t call, that catastrophic heart failure when it’s over, that unstoppable jealousy when they find someone else, all those stupid little things, that’s sadness, that’s misery. Most notable, however, is that enigmatic feeling of “right or wrong” you can develop towards someone who’s taken your heart. Sometimes, you have this indescribable energy in the pit of your chest, it’s like poison or it’s like a little bit of perfection. It’s that right or wrong sensor or sorts, and as it can define an entire relationship; it can define an entire person. As mentioned earlier, caring for someone, a lot or a little, has an effect on this hard to grasp concept of “spirit.”
Believe it or not, having feelings for somebody has what could be a potentially profound effect on your body, the very vessel carrying all of these crazy emotions and often ridiculous thoughts. Worth noting is the feeling of being “alive” when you are close with somebody. When you’re cuddled up with someone, you’re sitting there, you’re holding their hand, and you’re fingers just sort of fit right together, then it should be no surprise that you feel so amazing. You can take on the world. You fall asleep together; you get the best rest you’ve ever had. It’s things like this that make you feel “alive.” When things are going good with someone, it’s easy to get out of bed, you’ll gladly get your work done, and the day’s trials seem like nothing. Conversely, having a connection with a person can also do the opposite; it can make a mouse of a man and beat you down physically. If things aren’t going well, doing simple things can prove to be endlessly challenging. It’ll be hard to will yourself to exercise, or to eat right, or simply to move about, and you’ll put forward less effort towards everything as your body seems to go on lackadaisical auto-pilot. To this end, someone having an effect on your life can make you stronger than ever, or weaker than you thought you could be. When you feel on top of the world, one person with a few words can bring you to your knees, from “forever” to “over,” you can be crushed. However, that one person can also reveal strength that you failed to even acknowledge having. He or she can make you want to be brave, if not for yourself then for them. He or she can make you believe in yourself. This person can flip your life around, and you can feel that physically as day to day tasks fly by with ease, or drag on awfully. Having feelings for someone will up end your heart; that goes without saying. However, there is definitely something to be said about the effect it has on your body. It can make you so powerful and infinitely energized, or it can make you a thousand times weak and perpetually tired.
Loving someone can drastically affect your spirit; it can change your body and your energy, but above all, it can wildly alter your mind. One of the biggest dilemmas, or perhaps joys, of being in love with somebody is the constancy of which that certain person seems to be running endless, endless laps through the metaphorical track in your silly, silly head. Whether you want to or not, you’ll be stuck thinking of that person that’s just so desperately important to you. If your mind has a chance to wander, it’ll go right to them, or right to a battle of wits against yourself as you try to shove them out of your mind. Perhaps thinking of this person makes you happy, or maybe it makes you miserable. Either way, they’re not leaving your head without a fight, and not like a first round knockout get your paycheck and go home kind of fight. It’ll be a five round bloodbath, an absolute gruesome beat down with a broken back and blown out knees. It won’t be easy. Similarly, being head over heels, or perhaps just heel deep, in love with someone puts a debilitating thing in your head, and that debilitating thing is doubt. You will experience doubt. Maybe it’s over something trivial, maybe you’re not sure if you look better in this color or that, or maybe it’s something serious, maybe you aren’t sure if that “spark” is there. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself. You will try to reassure yourself as you’re losing it, over and over, and it will almost certainly fail. There will be doubt, and it won’t be easy on you. However, amidst these sorrows, these downfalls, there is at least one remarkable thing about loving someone, and being loved in return. The memories will always be there. You’ll always feel ill with nostalgia when you remember that incredible day, or that amazing day, or that incredibly amazing day, and there’ll be a tear in your eye as you remember that night you promised you’d never forget. Whether those memories are funny, happy, sad or sweet, there’ll always be a tug at your heartstrings whenever you sense something in some way that reminds you of that person. It can be a song, a picture, a place, a time, it can be anything. It’s in this way that you’ll always be close. To conclude, loving someone will bring turmoil or salvation to your mind; it will rattle your senses or hold you tight. This is the effect love can have on a mind.
Whether you care for, have feelings for, or just outright love someone, there will definitely be effects on your spirit, and they will get to you. There will certainly be effects on your body, and they will get to you. There will absolutely be effects on your mind, and they will get to you. Perhaps they’re profound, or maybe they’re miniscule, but like it or not, you will have to pay in more ways than one. “Pain” can’t quite explain it, it’s above a definition. However, you will also experience an unmatched happiness and fullness in your life, one you can’t find anywhere else. To say it is simply joy doesn’t quite do the feeling justice, words just can’t describe it. Whether or not someone is worth that risk, that all important gamble, is what defines whether or not you’re “right” together. For all of those who are willing to fight and persevere, for anybody who’s willing to go to war for their little piece of heaven, even if it means fighting on a field of shattered glass through a broken heart, ultimately it must be said; having a bond with someone certainly has its ups and its downs. “Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.

The author's comments:
Being close with somebody special is a colossal part of every day that you live. I wanted to write something I felt strongly for and truly believed in, so I took my heart and my thoughts and my spirit and I put them on paper.

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Shay<3 said...
on Mar. 9 2015 at 12:04 pm
I really like this. It's so true and so pure. Very well done, I admire you choosing this topic to write about because there are so many aspects to love. I enjoyed reading this because you used a huge variety of words and sentence style, transitions and so on for wonderful grammar. But I loved reading this mostly because you aimed it to everyone. Everyone oriented writing and it's thrilling reading something so true. Btw very cool reading writing from around my area. Haha :) Keep it up! =)

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