I Pledge Allegiance to…?

November 11, 2011
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Like every student in the United States of America, I say the pledge everyday during school hours. In my geometry class we stand and put our hands to our hearts and the, my voice. Only my voice can be hear as all my others classmates mumble or mouth the words that seemingly mean nothing, not even the teacher doesn’t the true respect to our country. During our 30 seconds of silence I hear games from cell phones, chatter, and the teacher beginning his lesson. Does the flag, the silence, the pledge means nothing to them?

Many mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, sons and fathers died for that flag that many just think of as a pretty piece of fabric. The flag that hangs in every classroom should be honored and respected not occasionally glanced at the forgotten about.
This is for the people who left their families to serve their country and for those who were able to come back and live their lives in the place they fought hard for.

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