Who are we to judge?

November 8, 2011
By , Camarillo, CA
What makes you cry? Is it the beautiful sounds of breath coming from a newborn? Or the constant wail of a lonesome elder? Joy or sorrow? What is good? And evil? Do we judge ourselves based on others or based on ourselves, our morals and beliefs? Why do we care so much about what others think? Is it worth it in the end? Was that what we were meant to believe or something we are taught to? Are we naturally born with a conscience or does it develop based upon our surroundings and interactions? Do we know, within ourselves, whether we recognize it or not, that we are bad or good? Can we not exist without the morals and virtues of society? Must we have a certain code of conduct and rules that we cannot live without? Will all wreak havoc? Or will we prosper more? Were we meant to live this life? Or were we placed here at the right place at the right time? Just a coincidence? Are humans really that special? Why do we consider ourselves so dominant? Are we not all earthly beings? Do other animals think? Do they know the incredulity and stupidity of human life? Do we know? Or are we ignorant, refusing to believe that others are better than us? Are we taught to believe that we are the most powerful, the almighty? Or are we born with that natural impulse, the instinct to control? Are memories meant to last forever? Or to linger and affect you subconsciously in the future? What happens when one dies? Do we still remember? Do we still think? Do we float aimlessly, sad and sorrowful for such a precious life wasted? Or do we dance freely, happy to have lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every single moment? Are we meant to die the moment we are born? Or are we meant to live? IS the glass half full? Or half empty? Who are we? And what are we meant to do? Why? Is it better to be, in this context, blind or deaf? Blind, never to see the light of someone’s eyes, the rich vibrant colors of life? Deaf, never to hear the indescribable touches of music fill the air, the cry of a broken heart? The sounds of music and life? The sights of love and life? Is a movie the same without sound or picture? What about people? And life? Who are we to judge?

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