Leadership: Why it matters to me

November 8, 2011
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Do you remember the shy kid in your class? The one who would set in the corner hoping that they wouldn’t get called on? The one with his or her head down, talking to nobody that wished the day would just get done. Well, this shy kid is standing before you determined, confident, enthuastic and flamboyant. Now you are probably thinking, “ How did this girl who was extremely shy change so much?” I changed by my involvement in many clubs and organizations such as FCCLA, NHS, Drama Club and many other. I believe that students should be involved in clubs and organizations so they acquire skills that will help them not only through high school but through their whole life. This is my story.
First, joining organizations helps you achieve leadership skills. I first got this experience by being the County Chair of the Relay For Life through my local FCCLA chapter. My friend and I were supposed to be co-chairs together but she moved about 45 minutes away. She quit and I had to step up as only a freshman and be the Chair of the Relay For Life. I thought I wouldn’t survive having to run all the county meetings, getting all the agendas together plus helping and participating with our local team. I was overwhelmed at times, but persevered through it all. The night of Relay was very successful and moved plenty of people including me. Team members who raised at least $100 stayed the whole night to symbolize the stages that a cancer patient goes through. Since I gained so much chairing the whole relay the year before that I volunteered again the following year as the Chair of survivor gifts. I have also given many different speeches, held multiple offices that very from me being the president of FCCLA to the treasure of Student Council. I have also had to make decisions in an instant that could affect the chapter. If it weren’t for my involvement in clubs and organizations I wouldn’t have the leadership skills I use on a daily basis.
Next, joining organizations has boosted my self-confidence in ways that even I couldn’t believe and helped me face some of my fears. Since I can remember, I have been petrified of talking In front of large groups of people. Since my involvement in organizations, I have had to face this fear head on. I have spoken at such events as our Veterans Day program that our Jr. High FCCLA hosts every year. I’ve also sung solos and duets. One of my other fears is an escalator. This fear I had to face head on at our National Cluster meeting for FCCLA In Louisville, Kentucky. There was literally thousand and thousand of kids there and they were using all the elevators. So, our advisor made me ride the escalator and I begged and pleaded with her not to make me ride but she did. I’m pretty sure I was having panic attack and hyperventilating just looking at the thing and getting on it. After I got to the top I knew I could face anything and that it only made me stronger. The day we were leaving I could ride on the escalator without anyone with me. If it wasn’t for my involvement in clubs and organizations I wouldn’t be as confident as I am now and I would never think to even face my fears.

Next, joining organizations have better prepared me for not only college but also for my future career goals. I have had to fill out an array of application such as my FCCLA officer form, legislative shadowing form and my National Honors Society member form. I have also learned skills that I will use throughout my college life. They include but are not limited to: study skills, time management skills, and communications skills, being able to multi task and leadership skills. I also completed a project for FCCLA called STAR Event which stands for Students Taking Action with Recognition. My event was called job interview, which included me making a job portfolio, filling out a job application, and have a mock interview. I applied for the job as an Indisplinary Research Investigator. My portfolio included such things as a cover letter, resume, 2 letters of recommendation, my career related education and my school related education. For my career research project I researched my future career as a medical laboratory technologists. In the information given it listed things such as some of the qualifications that I would need for this job, helpful high school courses I need to take, how common the job is in my area and how much the job will be growing in the next 3 years. The mock interview lasted about 20 mins and they asked me questions such as “ Why I would want to do this job?” “What are my strengths and weaknesses?” and “Would transportation be a problem?” I ended up getting gold in this category and received silver at the state level. If it wasn’t for my involvement in clubs and organizations I wouldn’t have gained vital skills that I will use through life and search for my future career more in depth.
Last, joining organizations has helped not only the people in my community and county but also people around the world. With Relay For Life the money goes toward finding a cure for all different types of cancer. We also had 2 people in our local chapter collect food and money to go toward our food pantry. Every Friday if a student would bring in a non-perishable food item they would get to wear a hat all day at school. We also had a Gold Rush game to help raise money for the American Cancer Society, the lymphoma and leukemia society and a portion went to a student in our school who is battling cancer now. Each group got about $114. The family of the student appreciated the money very much. Also, our national honors society hosted a trivia night to raise money that would then be donated back to the community. We ended up split it 5 ways. The gold rush, The Local Food pantry, Family Services, Science Club and Student Council all benefited from this event. Our Science Club recycles paper and magazines in the school monthly. I couldn’t believe how much paper the school goes through in only one month. Our student council has collected money for the victims of Fort Lenerwood because they had a tornado that went through on New Years Eve and it goes toward helping in building of a new school. If a high school class raises at least $25 they get to throw a pie at a teacher but, the teacher can buy the pie for $25 so they don’t get pied. We also collect box tops and can tabs. I think im making a bigger impact than I could ever imagine. If it wasn’t for my involvement in clubs and organizations I couldn’t impact my community and they world as much as I am now.
You see how much you can gain through clubs and organizations. You can gain leadership skills, gain self-confidence and face some of your fears, get better prepared for college and your future career and help the betterment of your community, county and world. I have grown so much through all the ups and downs and it has helped me be the person I am today. Most of it through clubs and organizations. So, this shy little kid has grown into the person you see before you. If I had thought of this when I was younger I would have said that is a million in one chance. This is why I think that students should be involved in clubs and organizations.

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pinkowl said...
Nov. 25, 2011 at 12:42 am
good writing! excta-curricular activities really helped me develop as a person too! <3 look at my writing!
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