What Pride is All About!

November 4, 2011
Do you have school pride? Do you even understand what I'm talking about? Well, I'm talking about the schools marching band. I like to call them my Band Family. We have gone threw alot together in just one year. In 8th grade I was deathly scared to go to high school. when I join band I felt so welcome and every one was so open. Marching is a whole other story. Its something totally different. You have never experienced anything like it. Its alot harder then you would think. It pushes you all the way. But, one of the best experiences in band are the bus rides. We have so much fun. We got to competitions and compete against other marching bands. It can be a bad experience or a good, but you learn from both. I, my self has learned so much from my band and from my instrument. Even when marching season is over they are all still there for you and will always be there. I can truly say I love my band family and I honestly think you should join.

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