"Discretion: Teens' Greatest Fear"

October 20, 2011
By NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
NikNik12 SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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Summary of the selection (25 word minimum): Kids are obsessed with their own images. Teens used to have problems with being obsessed with beauty, but now kids are image obsessed; and Facebook is one of the main causes. The reasons kids post things on the Facebook is because they want people to notice, and if they’re noticed, then they think they are popular. No kid wants to be the one who nobody talks to or realizes, and on Facebook kids can show pictures of their so-called “exciting” lives, and people will think they are awesome. Basically, kids are completely obsessed with social networking, and Facebook gives them every opportunity to show off their seemingly amazing lives.

Your reaction to the selection (Agree/disagree & why, can you relate, do you understand, are you surprised, do you see the same dilemma in your school?) (75 word minimum)

I am one hundred percent against Facebook. This article just backs my opinion up about it. People need to realize that it’s ok not to share their whole lives on the Internet. For one it’s just not safe, and two it’s annoying. Back in the old days, people were very discrete about everything they did. They didn’t have to know each other’s business all the time, but in today’s society, we seem to have that problem. Facebook is not healthy. People can get addicted to it or post things they will later regret. Do people realize that when they are looking for jobs, the people interviewing them might check their Facebook page and just one little slip can keep them from getting that particular job. Pictures of kids drinking and partying and doing dumb things could ruin a person’s life later on. Kids just want to be popular, and they think if they show their awesome life people will want their life. I am against Facebook for just that reason. My life is just fine, and nobody knows everything about it; and the crazy part is that people still talk to me and hang out with me. I still have friends even though the whole world does not know what is going on in my life each second of the day. Also, then some kids who have Facebook post things because they want to be noticed. They might not have as many friends, and all they want is someone to notice them and realize they are here, too. Facebook all around has changed the life of many teens. Kids need to realize discretion is ok!

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