Forgetting Fiona

October 20, 2011
By Snickers123 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
Snickers123 BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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I know I'll never forget Fiona she was a dog but a person to me in every way. It's to remember a time when the little Rat Terrier wasn't around. I remember the day we got her, my brother and I had to pile up pillows and stuffed animals in front of the fireplace so she wouldn't bark at her reflection. Then I would dress her up in baby doll clothes, she would growl at me but never lose her patience. One day when we were leaving the house to meet up with some of my parent's friends, I asked if we could take Fiona with us. That was the day my house burnt down, so I guess you could say I saved her from the flames. I didn't realize it at the time but as I grew older I understood that I did something amazing for that black and white dog. When I was twelve and Fiona was eight my family was getting very impatient with our dog, for she wouldn't always do her business outside. So one day they carded her off to the pound, I wasn't sad at first but it soon hit me later that my dog was gone. Sadie. A yellow lab we adopted a few years back, became depressed, for her play pal was no longer there. My brother said I should just forget her and move on. But I couldn't, it was impossible, and I know because I wrote this that I would never have another dog like Fiona. So I hold on and hope for a better tomorrow.

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