Michael Casey

October 19, 2011
By &#39Fisayo Awolaja BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
&#39Fisayo Awolaja BRONZE, Thronton, Colorado
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In the hero essay titled “Michael Casey” the writing why he is her favorite teacher while helping us recognize what we would like in an ideal hero. The writer explains that next to parents, teachers are the most important people in your life because of their role in you growing up. Coming from another country, she was bound to face many challenges in her new home. To find somebody like Mr. Casey ought to have been a relief for the young foreigner unfamiliar with American society. The writer met Mr. Casey when he was giving a tour for her new Christian school. Directly after introduction, the writer sees his at tentativeness and his “intelligent gaze”.
Mr. Casey seems fit to be a hero based on the writer’s description. Nice, reassuring, constantly positive, and on top of all of that, he’s battling cancer. The ongoing battle his body was undergoing didn’t affect his dedication to teach. This essay helped me see what some teachers go through for students and why their characteristics fit ideal heroes.

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