Do We Really Get a Choice in Life?

October 17, 2011
By stoney626 SILVER, Wrentham, Massachusetts
stoney626 SILVER, Wrentham, Massachusetts
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Do we really stop and contemplate the idea that our life is already decided? I believe we do have a choice in life or else there would be nothing worth living for. Choice leads us to be individuals; each with our own personality and visions and with those come responsibility. With choice we can make our own decisions and choose our paths, although along with every choice comes consequences and resolutions. With different personalities come different visions or beliefs that make life interesting. Without the free will to make choices, what is life worth and what is the point.

The choice I made to go to a different school created the conflict because of beliefs. I chose to go to a private catholic school with a very minuscule group of students I knew. I made a resolution to try and attain a better education, but had to face the consequence of having to adapt and make new friends. My friends from the public school think it is better than my school, and I think that my school is better than their school. It is our personalities that lead to our choices. While I chose to go the private catholic school my friends chose to go to the public school which is our own personal choice which leads to our personalities. So I believe it’s your choices that hint people what your personality is like, but that isn’t the only thing choices do they also help you to achieve your individuality.

Without individuality you are no different than anyone even with a personality. With individuality I believe you can be unique with your own style of doing things for example music, appearance, attitude, writing, beliefs, etc. If you listen to the same music as someone that’s fine because many people like the same music you do. Although if you have the same beliefs, dress and look the same, act the same then you aren’t expressing your individuality. I was an individual who had my own trait that I used that is what drives my belief forward. I know my cousin was telling me this story about his high school years everyone tried to dress, act, and talk the same way as the most popular student. He said “That means nothing; you are giving up your greatest traits to be like someone who may be less smart than you, who may not have an understanding like you of some topics. Anyone who tries to act like anyone else needs to reflect on their life and think of how they as their own person make a difference in the world. We are all individual if we weren’t then we could act the same, but we were given a trait that we were given to use for a reason. You may not know the reason for it you may never find the reason for it but use it because it makes who you are, an individual.” I really thought about what he lectured me about and I realized he was right.

Responsibility is what keeps us in line makes sure we think everything through before we do or say it. You must think about what you are about to say and do, and think about all the consequences of your actions. For example at another school I went to there was a student with Autism who got angry real easy and we use to torture him because we didn’t know he had any problem we just thought he was just weird. One day I found out he had Autism from my mom I suddenly froze for a solid ten minutes realizing I was making fun of another student who had a disorder and we especially me laughed at him for. As students kept laughing at him I stopped because I knew what was wrong, at that point I decided not to tell anyone because I figured that would just make it worse. Everyday I would wonder should I tell I never did I keep wondering from time to time whether or not that was a good idea but I kept getting this feeling of guilt that I should have done something to help.

Day to day I reflect on these examples that affect my life and I realize that we do have free will. I remember the examples that I thought were important to my belief of free will. So what do you believe? Do you think you get to choose in life?

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