Teen Bullying

October 14, 2011
By Smashley BRONZE, Gerry, New York
Smashley BRONZE, Gerry, New York
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Are you or someone you know a victim of teen bullying? Chances are, you are. Statistics have shown an increase in teen bullying. Many teens have to worry everyday if they’ll get picked on. These thoughts should not have to be running through the minds of teenagers. Every day I walk through the halls of school and watch helpless children being bullied. It’s sad to see these poor children going through all of this.
Most of teen bullying occurs during school hours. 1/3 of all teens get bullied during school. 18% had rumors spread about them, 11% were physically bullied, 6% were threatened and 4% had their personal belongings destroyed. Sadly, only 1/3 of these bullied children have reported these instances to authorities. Schools and parents don’t know this is going on because the children are afraid to tell. 44% of the bullied victims are only in middle school. These children are still so young; they don’t need to be around hurtful actions such as bullying.
A person’s gender and race have a great influence on their chance of being bullied. The way a female bullies and the way a male bullies are completely opposite. Females verbally abuse others. Most often they call others harmful names and hurt them emotionally. Males on the other hand are physically abusive. They most often get in fights because of bullying. People with disabilities are also likely to be effected by bullying. How would you like it if you were laughed at for something beyond your control?
Bullying can lead to serious situations. Such occurrences don’t need to happen and can be prevented. 8% of bullied victims were actually injured by weapons. How scary is that? When teens are constantly picked on it leads to a lower self-esteem. And, we all know a low self-esteem can lead to depression. Depression affects a person’s everyday life. Some teens start by cutting their wrists and becoming anti-social. Most teen suicides are caused by bullying. Take a look around you; it’s not hard to step in with a simple word: stop, to put an end to the terror.
Bullying has affected the lives of many teens all over the world. They are beginning to feel that they cannot be different anymore because they’ll just get picked on. The minds of adults need to be opened to this hurtful topic, so something can finally be done. The fact that children are dying because of this should move people’s hearts enough to make a change.

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