October 14, 2011
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Is hunting really as bad as many make it out to be? Hunting holds many benefits to one who hunts. It is good for your health, maintains the population of hunted animals, and helps people become more self-sufficient.

Hunting helps with your health in many ways. When hunting you are outside in fresh air and you have to walk around to get to your stand and to get your kill. You also can learn about many types of wildlife and their behaviors. It also helps with the development of a survival skill. This can keep you alive.

With the natural predators of many animals gone hunters keep population under control. Hunters keep animals from overpopulating and creating an environmental problem. Without hunters there is no balance in the environment.

People also become more self-sufficient through hunting. Hunters are able to kill their own food. That makes it much easier for many because they rely less on others for food.

So all the tree hugging anti-hunting people need to wake up and realize hunting is better for all. Even all of the hunted animals.

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