Avoiding Teen Obesity

October 14, 2011
By Lindsey Clark BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
Lindsey Clark BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
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Do teens realize their lifestyles are making them obese? Teen obesity rates are increasing tremendously. Statistics show that 14% of adolescence in the United States are overweight. This figure has nearly tripled in the last 20 years. Realize that this is due to the way teens are living their lives. Surveys prove that 35.4% of teens watch television three hours or more on an average day. 78.6% did not eat the recommended five servings of daily fruits and vegetables. 33.8% drank pop at least on time daily. Lastly, 65.3% did not meet the recommendations for physical activity.
The possible effects of obesity can be devastating. Obese teens are at risk for heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Also, a direct result could be Type 2 Diabetes. This might not sound like a big deal now, but it will have a huge impact on their future. They have to deal with social discrimination by their peers. Immediate effects include low self-esteem and eventually they may suffer from depression. This can lead to a viscous circle of staying at home and watching television and snacking, therefore gaining more weight, feeling worse about themselves, and spending more time in front of television.
In order to reverse teen obesity, teen must alter their daily routines. One change is television reduction which seems to be an effective measure to take. Also, it is important not to depend on electronics for entertainment all day; instead start playing physical related games. Another is reducing calorie intake per day. Lastly, teens can avoid obesity by partaking in physical activity daily whether it is participating more in Physical Education class, working out in a local fitness center, sports, or just going for walks afterschool.
I feel very strongly about this topic because I want our nation healthy and no one likes being obese. This problem is easier than people think to fix. Changing your lifestyle just a little bit can’t hurt that bad. Sedentary living can have terribly negative long term affects and I would to see anyone die from this curable disease.

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