Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

October 13, 2011
I guess I've thought alot lately. My friends used to make fun of the quiet girls in the corner with scars on their wrists, and the boys with the long shaggy hair that wore all black. Truth is I used to be friends with them but I left that group of "losers" as everyone, including myself, called them and I found "better, more sophisticated" people. Now I look back on the good times I had with those people and think "why didn't I just keep them as friends too." I think of how selfish I was, how I left them and now the reason I start talking to those people again, is because a certain girl showed us just asking someone how they are can save a life. Nobody knew she was gonna pull that trigger. Nobody knew she was going through a struggle, probably because that beautiful smile was always on her face and she never said anything. She wasn't asking anyone for help, so everyone assumed everything is fine. Everybody listened to her words, read her funny facebook statuses with her opinions, laughed at her racist jokes, but they didn't really stick till she left this world. Nobody repeated them, cause everybody thought "oh, we'll hear more tomorrow." But then, tomorrow never came and the only thing left was memories. Memories of her floating around, haunting people like me who turned their back on her, haunting her bestfriends because they didn't save her. Now her words mean so much more, every joke she made. Every smile she faked. They all mean so much, but it's too late to let her know. Now we take her flowers, and do things in her memory like drink her favorite drink while sitting beside a headstone talking to someone's memory. There's people in this world raising awareness about cancer, and autism. All these serious issues, then there's the one nobody notices. Depression... Suicide. Question is, what if that was your friend? You'd want to make people aware too. Suicide is preventable. One call, One smile, One "how is everything going" could change everything. Pass it on.

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