The Experience That Changed Me

October 13, 2011
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As I was sitting on my front lawn thinking about, well nothing really I heard a BANG! I looked up quickly and then disregarded the noise thinking it was just my dad closing the ladder too fast.

As I dosed off into another day dreaming sleep I heard hard fast footsteps behind me. Then I heard crying which was enough to break me from my non existent sleep and look up to see my sister. She was bawling her eyes out and trying to say something at the same time but all I could make out was dad and hurt. At the sound of those two words I sprang up and raced like a shot from a cannon to the scene of my father on the ground. My sisters were crowded around him and their faces were white as ghosts.
Then my mother got us all inside as the police doctors and firefighters all came to help. All I could think of at this point was whether or not my dad would be okay.
I then spent the day at various neighbors’ houses passing the time by playing board games, video games, playing outside, and trying not to think about my dad and then finally it was time to go home when my brother got home from work.
At this point sitting in my room waiting for the call from my mom, and hoping today hadn’t happened. Clearly, though there was no way of changing the fact that I had had a bad day. Then it hit me. This day was actually a really good life lesson. Today had taught me a part of the real world. It taught me that everyday life wouldn’t always be okay and all the insecurity and pain that I hadn’t known before this. This created an everyday belief for me: Everyone needs to experience trauma because it hardens you into the person you will later become. This is a belief I have stood by ever since this day which was arguably the worst but also arguably the best day of my life

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