Why Aren't Teens Allowed To Use Cell Phones During Study Halls And Lunch?

October 14, 2011
By Krystal21 BRONZE, Gowanda, New York
Krystal21 BRONZE, Gowanda, New York
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Phones should be allowed to be in study hall because teens try to use them anyway. Most if the time they’re texting people trying to get the night before homework down. Which is school related and it’s them trying to almost be successful with their work. This means they care enough about their education.
They honestly should be allowed in lunch. If teachers are allowed to have them so should teens it’s causing no harm to anyone to have them out. They will be doing the same things teachers do. This shouldn’t be bad. Were supposed to look up to them aren’t we? And if anything us teens and kids give teachers their jobs! And on the plus side we are not learning anything in lunch so, it’s not blocking out education.
Why are seniors only allowed to have their phones out in lunch and study hall. Just because they are in their last year of High School doesn’t mean anything. Aren’t we all supposed to be treated equally? Well we are not! By the time we get to be a senior the rules will just happen to change the year before or the year we graduate. By the time we get out of school it will be a jail cell.

Although we may have many years on us until we get to the top of the school. We should still be able to have the same right as people around us.

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