October 14, 2011
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Do you like playing sports? I really like playing sports. There truly fun to play. If you play a sport you should go out and have fun; you should also be pretty competitive. You have those kids that don’t really care if they win or lose and I personally hate when people don’t care if they lose. Losing is the worst thing; it’s no fun at all losing. My coach tells my team before every game that the most important thing is to just go out and have fun. This bugs me because I really want to win; I don’t like losing.
Most importantly students must have the passion to play the sport they choose. Don’t do it just because a friend wanted you to play or something like that. Do it because you want to. I’m sure if you didn’t care whether you played or not and your team will most likely not be pleased with you. If you don’t care you probably won’t try. If you aren’t trying your best then the team can’t win.
Sports are a good option for kids in school because it gives students an activity to participate in. Also it helps kids with weight, since if you exercise every day you will be health and will be fit. Some schools are not as lucky as others because some can’t afford to have sport teams, and some schools just can’t afford the transportation costs for away games. This would be terrible because students won’t be able to play sports away from their school. This makes me thankful that my district is still supporting sports.

Sports are the best thing in school for people because maybe there not the smartest but they really love to play sports and there really good. For some kids that’s the main reason they come to school and motivates them to get good grades. To play sports you can’t be failing classes, so grades are very important. Also, to get accepted into a good sports college you need good grades. You could be the best athlete but if you don’t have the grades you won’t even get looked at by colleges. Not only is it important to win, it is important to try your best both on the field but also in the classroom. Sports mean a lot to me my whole life I have been playing sports. If there were never sports I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m a kid that tries so hard in all my games I never give up.

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