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October 14, 2011
By LilChuck28 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
LilChuck28 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
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There are many issues that can be involved with using a cell phone. Many accidents can be caused by cell phones, and also many problems such as bullying and drug trafficking can be perpetuated with them.

One problem with having a cell phone is getting addicted to texting and driving at the same time. Many accidents can be caused because of texting and driving. Many teens are getting behind the wheel and not thinking. Also it’s not only teens, it’s adults too. Adults think that teens should learn from it, but yet they’re not setting a very good example. Many states now have put a ban on texting and driving; New York is one of them.
Another problem then comes in with the use of cell phones is bullying. Many people think that they can send a mean message to someone, but it’s not a good idea. It’s not a good idea because the person you sent it to has proof and they could call the cops. The bully could then be charged with harassment. Another thing issue with cell phone is inappropriate picture sending. Many people think it’s cool but once you send a risqué pictures to one person it easily and inevitably gets sent around to the whole school. Obviously, this would be a very embarrassing situation that no one should even put themselves in.

Another deal with the cell phones is teen’s texting in school. They have banned from this because of drug and gang activity. Also because the school thinks that teen’s should be focusing on school, and texting becomes a distraction. Also it creates more rumors and bullying which are a problem in school. Some students use phones to make threats, which also becomes an issue.

Finally, students don’t have to have a cell phone to be cool. All cell phones do is bring problems. If you don’t have a cell phone, it would prevent accidents and issues in the long run. Also there could be a decrease in bullying and dealing illegal drugs, which would be a great benefit.

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