Finally an Article Not Against Violent Games

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Some people believe that violent video games cause violence. I do not believe this is true. In fact I believe the exact opposite is true; I think video games cure violence.

I have come to believe that violent video games help with violence. I learned from personal experience because I have anger problems. My favorite games are violent ones because instead of going and killing somebody, I’ve learned to not do what happens in a game.

When people play Grand Theft Auto everything bad you do makes the cops come after you. The cops either arrest you or kill you; that teaches players that if they do something bad then the cops will show up. This will help people learn not to do violent things.

Most people believe the opposite and think that when people play violent video games they become violent. I believe that those people chose the violent games because they are already violent. The games give people a release for their emotions and help them de-stress. Either of these answers could be true, but I believe I am living proof of my opinion.

Most people believe violent games are what cause the violence. However, I think it is the violence that causes the production of violent video games.

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i like games

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