Does Alcohol Defy The Maturity Age?

October 14, 2011
By Awoww BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
Awoww BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
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Do we really find the taste to be all that great, or is it all just hype? This has been an on-going argument for a long time. Is 21 years old a good age to allow people to start drinking? Or could it be safe to lower it?
I strongly believe it should be lowered. The majority of teens drink simply because it is against the law; it’s all hype! The thrill of sneaking it makes kids think that they will really like it, when in reality most teens don’t like the taste of it at all. Lowering the age will take away that thrill, therefore less teens will want to drink it.
Another factor is maturity. It includes both physical and mental maturity. At 18, people are allowed to vote, get married, and fight in wars, but can’t have an alcoholic beverage? That just seems ridiculous to me. If they are mentally mature enough to have a say in who runs the country, as well as physically mature enough to fight in a war, I believe they are more than capable of having alcohol.
Unfortunately, there are several later effects on the body when you start drinking at a younger age. The younger you are when you begin drinking, the more likely you are to start bad habits, and become an alcoholic. Even with this said, if kids and teens want to, they will find a way drink regardless. It would be better if they did it in safe and protected environments, and learned how to handle alcohol correctly, rather than sneaking it at parties and other places, and abusing it.

So, I do believe that the drinking age should be lowered, 21 is a little too long. If your 18 and can handle all other mature responsibilities, why is alcohol different from all the rest? I mean, it’s only a drink right?

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