DRINKING AGE: Remain the Same

October 14, 2011
By Bwoww BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
Bwoww BRONZE, Cherry Creek, New York
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Should the drinking age remain the same? Or, should you be able to drink when you’re a teen. I think the drinking age should remain the same for many reasons.
Some people believe that lowering the drinking age is not that really that bad. One argument for this is because of maturity. People who think it should be lowered say if you are mature enough at the age of 18, to go and fight in a war, then you should be able to go get a drink if you want one.

However, there are many detrimental effects to drinking. When you allow teens to consume alcohol, they tend to do stupid stuff, such as having unplanned and unprotected sex. Also, alcohol can cause teens to become depressed. Teens are also more vulnerable to drugs and violence when they’re under the influence.

Another cause to consider when thinking about the drinking age, is teens can not physically and mentally handle drinking. Teens have not yet reached an age where they can handle alcohol responsibly. This means they cannot consume liquor without doing something stupid or hurting someone and possibly themselves.

Additionally, some teens start drinking too early in life. When teens start drinking at a younger age they are more likely to become an alcoholic, which h causes lifelong health issues.

A compromise to the problem could be lowering it too 19 or 20. However, I feel strongly that it should stay the same because I believe it is the right age to start drinking.

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