Sexting: Good or Bad

October 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I had a friend that told me that she sent a picture of herself to some seniors because they bugging her about a risqué picture. So she did; her mom went to look in her phone and she found the picture. As a result, she was sent away. So now she and I are not friends anymore.
This is a depraved act because your body doesn’t belong to your boyfriend; it belongs to the guy or girl that you’re going to marry. It says in the Bible that your body belongs to God until you’re married. So go ahead and send it, here will be consequences.
Another reason why no one should sext is that if you send a picture to a boyfriend or girlfriend and then you break up, he/she could send it to anyone. A girl named Jessica Logan she sent one to her boyfriend. He then sent it to over 100 people at four different schools. She was harassed and called over fifty named; things were thrown at her. She talked to a local television show and she said it was the stupidest the she ever did. Two years after that she was found by her mom in her bedroom where she hung herself. This girl’s actions lead to her suicide and people need to learn from her.
Another repercussion of sexting is the possibility of jail time. For example, Phillip Alpert was branded as a sex offender and was kicked out of college when he posted a picture of his girlfriend online. He was convicted of sending child pornography and was put in jail for several days. Now that he’s on probation he can’t violate his probation or he goes to prison for a very long time. Although he may not have realized his actions, his life will never be the same.
Even though you might be under peer pressure, it’s still not right to do sext. Your body belongs to the guy you’re going to marry. Your boyfriend or girlfriend could send it to tons of people, and you could even land in jail or prison.

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