October 13, 2011
By Travis Brown BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
Travis Brown BRONZE, Harvey, Louisiana
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Parents are the people who takes care of their kids or an parent just in general to a kid.The parents have responsibilities like making sure their child is doing the right thing.They have to care and love their kids.A should always be apart of their child's life.

Some parents are married together raising a child of their own. Not being married to each other,but seeing other people should still be in their child's life both parents.Some parents just leaves out of their child's life.That's not good parenting on the behalf of the parent who left.Good parents stays in their child's life some sort of way.

Here's some advise on good parenting.Always make sure your child is okay.If you are not living with them make sure you contact them some type of way.Its very important to be in your child's life.Trust me its worth it.

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Advise on parenting.

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