Why I Hate Facebook

October 3, 2011
By sshfaryal BRONZE, Marion, Indiana
sshfaryal BRONZE, Marion, Indiana
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I hate social networking.

I guess it’s okay for people to communicate in small distant conversations with a realm of 500 people they may or may not even know, rather than have one worthwile, meaningful conversation with a single person you will never know things about by just looking at their Facebook profile. Whatever happened to giving your full attention to a person?

What has happened to our society?

“Come outside, let’s play some basketball.”

“Okay, sure, can I check my Facebook real quick though on your computer?”

It’s not like you’re going to say no. Do it, you gutsy, weak sauce you. “Sure, I don’t mind.” And than that horrid horrid “I’m just being a host” smile they’re completely blind to but you display anyway.

What are they doing on there anyway? Oh you know, just messaging a bunch of people about the plans we have next Friday to hang out and check Twitter on each others computers. For God’s sake.

And then there’s those people you’re so “close” to that they can just use your computer without asking and you can’t pull them off because there’s no way to do it without being inapporpraite. And actually, they’re not actually that close with you because they’ve never taken the time to talk to you, instead they just talk to the ten people they’re online chatting with. And then, as you patiently wait, they skype with people you don’t know but don’t include you in because the only real point is to show off to you that they have this other, really cool friend too and they have a really cool relationship with inside jokes they made on their walls. Or in real life, as they so ignorantly portray, but think about it, we all know the truth don’t we?

Seriously. Even when we sit with a person and try to talk with them, constantly our phones are next to us, waiting for the next text, the next twitter update. When was the last time someone truly gave another person their full and total attention? Why, deep inside, are we trying to impress each other so much? What is the point of being so fake?

And just look at it all. The facebook updates, the million likes, the adding people the day after you met them and said two words to them. No! It’s all wrong, it all must be wrong. You don’t really have any intention of keeping in touch with them, do you? And what’s with this desperate, “I-can-take-photos-with-my-mac” display picture thing and the million vague “some hearts are meant to be broken” statuses/tweets/tumblr-reblogs. No one cares! Maybe people would care if you wouldn’t put it out there like that and actually make it worth something.

I can’t even finish this because my dad is calling me and I’m clawing the keyboard in such intense rage at society/the world/my life and being stuck in the stupidness that I am with such stupid people. And the worst part? I'm a victim of it too.

Gosh dang it.

I hate people.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in three minutes two months ago and it includes no editing, but I feel like it should be out there. It refers to mostly all social networking, even though the title says Facebook.

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