Fake Smiles

September 29, 2011
By haylieghdawn BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
haylieghdawn BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
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you see this smile??.. you would never guess it's fake. all the hurting and sadness hid behind it. the weakness no one wants to show. you come off strong, but inside it's riping you to shreds. you smile and laugh with your friends like your perfectly fine, but your really crying inside. you don't wanna show your weakness because then you get asked those questions "what's wrong?" or "are you ok?", and it's just even harder to explain it to everyone, so you smile, that big ol' fake one. but then it makes you wonder.. who else feels this way? do other people have fake smiles to?, then you realize.. your not the only one! life can be so difficult at times. but you gotta punch it in the face and keep going. nothing should hold you down. never have regrets, because then that will really get you down. and you gotta keep your head up high!! and smile. (: you never know who's fallin' in love with your smile.

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