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pinky promise

September 29, 2011
By haylieghdawn BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
haylieghdawn BRONZE, Logan, Ohio
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are promises really meant to be broken? why is it called "pinkie promise" if one person lets go of the pinkie and tells the whole world everything you've ever told them. it's like you can't ever trust anyone anymore.. you get hurt so many times, and lose trust, and give them their trust back. then one time they finally break it.. for good. all the trust you thought you had in them. gone! who is there to trust no? who is there to tell everything to? I'm starting to only trust myself.. but sometimes i can't even do that.. all the pain i hide inside, i just want someone to cry to, someone who understands and someone i can trust!. but it's so hard to trust anyone when your trust has been broken so many times

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because everyone that i've every trusted has broke my promises. so i kinda don't trust anyone anymore, it's really difficult for me.

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