Hey My Dog

September 28, 2011
Hey that is my dog, why does she have her. Wait she is blind, maybe she needs her more then I do, but she is my dog not hers. I have been looking for her for quiet a while now, but the girl is blind I can't just talk her away from her even if she is my dog. I should just hive her to her, but yet again its my dog no matter what she needs her more then I do so I will give her my dog. So I walked up the girl and said that is my dog you have leading you around. She smiled and said this dog had found be I didn't find him for I can not see and on night I was out in the streets lost and alone and this dog came up to me and lead me home. I smile and felt like I was going to cry, then said you can keep her, she is yours. You need her more then I do so keep her please, that is my gift to you. She is a good dog and she will treat you well. Thank you miss I will love her with ll my heart and I can already tell she treats me well she helped me in the dark and not she leads me in the light, but thank you once more for I am so pleased you give her to me.

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