Baker City, OR

September 28, 2011
If I could go back in time and change some, there are times I want to change from moving from Baker City, OR. I love it there is was a small town, but lively and exciting. Living in a small town has it advantages, mine is the friends, the times we get to hang out together, and being able to walk everywhere I could walk to all my friends house, by the river, to the library, anywhere I wanted to. A small town like Baker you have to give a chance just cause its small doesn't it not exciting. Though I love living in Minnesota, I miss Baker City a lot. Baker is where I practically grow up at, though I wasn't born there I spend most of my years there. Its near some of my friends and most of my family so it makes it nice. So what if it doesn't have a mall or those big clothes stores, it has unique little shores down main street and some on other roads leading through it. Baker is almost like a place you can just get away to. Sure its a small town but no matter where you go in it everyone is welcoming. No one in Baker is a stranger, everyone pretty much knows everyone, even if its just by acquaintance.

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