Legions of Lunch

September 8, 2011
By AllyHunter SILVER, Carnegie, Oklahoma
AllyHunter SILVER, Carnegie, Oklahoma
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Recently My school has gotten a new Principal. Everyone is still adjusting and getting use to the idea of someone other than our old beloved principal. There are rules and new guideline that we that were there but have never been enfored, until this year. I completely understood the concept of a stricter school because our school is to loose and dangerous but then. . .he shortened lunches. Well, made us go by the "book". We only have a thirty minute lunch and we have open campus; the town is small but we still have places we would like to go to lunch. Our teacher are no longer allow to let us out early for lunch because there is no "roaming the halls" during class. This greatly concerns me. I'm worried for the health and safety of my fellow student. Shorter Lunches mean that some student aren't getting the nutrition they need. For example, Some student on campus get junk food and crap food when the could get a balanced meal if they had time. Other students don't even eat. Today my friends and I went to a small counrty kitchen directly arcross from our school and had only five minute to actually eat our food. We rushed through lunch and ended up with upset stomachs. The is also concern for speeding. Student who speed back to school in time for the bell could potentially cause accidents, like a head on collision or hit another student who is walking. School lunches is another thing. Waiting in the lunch line for food is like waiting for an elephant to give birth. Half of lunch is already over by time we even get our food. My school is ready to riot. The students are pissed. The teachers are pissed. Everyone is pissed. We, as students, need to let our voices be heard and finally stand up to those who put us down! Are you with me!?

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