Cyber Bullying

August 27, 2011
By ChloeWowey BRONZE, Gorey, Other
ChloeWowey BRONZE, Gorey, Other
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Cyber bullying is a bigger issue than most people think, so many young people are affected by it now a days. Some peers will think it's funny to write harsh and hurtful comments on another peers social site, what they don't realise is that after the few moments of laughter they get from it, they don't give it a second thought, where as the victim could stand infront of the mirror for an hour and think 'what if they are right?'. The internet is a place where young people are easily targeted and once a cyber bully starts, they won't stop, it makes them feel powerful. The term 'don't get mad, get even' is all well and good, but then you'll just sink to the bullies level, right? Granted it more than likely is going to hurt when you read a harsh comment from a bully. But it's okay to hurt from it, but then say to yourself 'well this is me. They mightn't like it. But everyone else does.' Don't change to suit somebody else, because everybody has they're flaws, and everyone is only human.

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