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August 20, 2011
By preciouspearl BRONZE, Multan, Other
preciouspearl BRONZE, Multan, Other
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We are all familiar with worst days. I'm sure all of you also have had your fair share of worst days even if you think you are a very lucky person or God's favorite since you are very religious. You might be wondering what made me write this article. I think that is because I, myself, had recently experienced the worst day of my life. If something bad or unlucky is happening to you all the time then what would you do?
Accept it or be mad?
We teenagers especially have trouble in controlling our anger and sometimes we take it out on people who hadn't done anything.
Poor victims of our vicious teenage anger. Really!
So imagine having the worst day of your life.
You over slept in the morning and are late for school/ college. Last night you were chatting with your net buddy and you had a fight. So you are in a bad mood. You aren't paying attention in the lesson and the teacher gets on your case. He gives you a big assignment which you have to hand in by tomorrow but how will you do it?
You and your friends are going out tonight or you have to meet your girlfriend.
Assignment or girlfriend?
You choose your girlfriend.
Between studies and girls, girls are more tolerable, aren't they?
You are in worst spirits and you think meeting your girlfriend will refresh your mind.
But it turns out to be a big mistake. To seal your worst day your girlfriend breaks up with you.
Now you are sitting alone in your room eating junk food dwelling on your memories. You feel frustrated, angry and betrayed.
Your little sister comes in your room to tell you to get over your grief and come down for dinner and you just snap.
You are sad and instead of comforting you, your sister makes fun of you. You start yelling at her and she runs out of your room crying at the top of her lungs. Then your mother comes in and scolds you for upsetting your little sister.
Whose grief is greater?
Sister's grief or yours?
So now I guess you guys can see my point. Now that you are angry how will you get it out of your system?
By snapping at your sister? Or by blaming your parents for not understanding you?
By cursing your old teacher? Or by thinking your girlfriend was a fool for breaking up with you?
If that is not enough then you start trashing your room, you punch your punching bag and kick the walls until you cry out in pain and feel frustrated again.
Well seriously people it's not the right way. So I hope my tips will help you to keep your anger under the radar if you are having a bad day or you act like a crazy anger machine when you are feeling down and frustrated.
Always remember that whatever happens to you happens for a good reason even if you think “This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me!”
If you are angry then try not to take it out people who care about you because hurting the ones you love will not give you any satisfaction. You will feel even guiltier.
If you are an emotion expresser then talk to a good friend who I am sure will easily bear your anger and listen to you because he/ she knows your nature. Your friend will be able to help you to stay calm.
It is often seen that some people can get in touch with their emotions by writing in journals. If you don't want to talk to your friend about how you are feeling then a journal is your best option. You can write your feelings in it and even stupid things about people you dislike but nothing rude, okay? Trust me a journal can be very helpful in the process of calming you down.
On the other hand if some people feel miserable when something bad happens to them and they keep it inside them then it is my advice to them that please don't do that. You will get caught in depression and sometimes it is really hard to get out of it. My best advice would be to talk things out. If you don't want to talk to your parents and your friends then the easiest way is to talk to yourself. I know it sounds crazy but trust me it sometimes helps. You can spill out all your anger and nobody will know about it since you don't want them to.
Sometimes if something unlucky happens to you then you should try to find out why that thing happened to you. It may be someone else's fault but you also have a part in it. For example, if kids in your class bully you that is because you let them do it. Stand up to them and show them you are not afraid. But of course if you won't then it is also your fault that those kids bully you. I hope you get my point.
Punching a pillow can also help you to calm down. You can punch it as long as you want. You can think that it's your enemy you are punching. (Just kidding!)
If you think that my tips are not helping enough then you should try Sean Covey's “7 Habits of highly effective teens”. It is an amazing book. A guide for tortured teenage souls. It will tell you everything you want to know about making your life perfect. Even if you are not a book worm you'll find this book funny and interesting. Try it!
So these are my tips for you to control your rage. You donate have to hurt other people by taking your anger out on them to feel relieved. These tips are fully functional and you will find them helpful. They will definitely help you to turn your worst day into a normal peaceful one. Good luck!

The author's comments:
Once I had a really bad day and I know much frustrated I felt so the next day I decided to do something about it. I wrote this because it kind of helped to relax. Writing always does. Hopefully others will find it useful too.

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Rochan123 said...
on Oct. 26 2014 at 8:08 am
Your essay was really nice preciouspearl. Now I feel better after trying your tips after a bad,boring and freaking days.

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