Short Hair, Typical To Me, a Girl

August 20, 2011
By Anonymous

I have short hair like Halle Berry and Emma Watson, and I love it.
Long hair is a drag spending a lot of money at beauty salons, hair care products, or Frizzing in the heat. I recently have gotten various comment saying, "When are you going to grow your hair like a typical teenage girl."
This is a very sexist comment but, can you believe this mostly came from girls or women. To think that when women won the right to vote they cut their hair short to show that nobody can dominate them again. Even little girls did it, now mostly nowadays girls and women either have long hair to appease their boyfriends/husband or they are doing it to stay fashionable or low self-esteem.
So who is more confident and original then the copycat women or girls who can't stand to see someone different.

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