Something We Need to Fix

August 16, 2011
By Anonymous

MY vision of life

So here we are you know nothing to do in the world just to be here... do u ever wonder what life is going to pan out to be? Ever stop to smell the roses thinking this will be the last time you can? I had never thought of it till recently. People around this world use the earth like a trash can, they use girls as emotional place holders, fiction as comfort, jobs as a distractions, and money as happiness. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem like life. I wish there was more, more fun, more joy, more love but it will never happen. This is what life is supposed to be like and no one knows how else to cope. We just use what we have for evil, and I know I sound like I am talking about a villain in a fiction comic book, but that is what we are here. We are super villains and the hero is yet to be found. And we keep preying on things that can't fight back. We prey on the earth, people, love, happiness. And many don’t know what to do about it, and neither do I. I am sitting in silence and have been for a while, thinking, just thinking. Life is no fairy tale I have learned that early. No matter how happy you try to be you will always fail. There is no "real" joy in life. It will never come. It might seem to come but are you really happy during those moments? There nothing in the back of your mind saying that something is wrong?

Ignorance is bliss, some may argue with this saying but I stand by it. The less you know the better off life is. I have learned a lot and the more I know and learn about life and what has happened and what is going on. The worse I feel about life. How can anyone be happy knowing what is going on in the world? People are poor, homeless, sad, depressed. People are getting raped, beaten, killed, lost... the world isn’t what you grow up thinking it is going to be. Every little girl dreams about the day they will meet their knight in shining armor. They watch the fairy tales, the couples on the streets and think I will be like that someday. I will have a job, a husband, a great life, and 2.5 kids. What those little girls didn’t know is that their job could be as a stripper, a waitress, or a fast food worker just trying to make ends meat. They didn’t know that their husband could call them names, beat them, or even leave them with a broken heart. They also didn’t know that a great life was impossible or 2.5 kids will break your heart, and leave you trying to put the pieces back together but not succeeding.

The life we all dream about and hear about isn’t possible and never will be possible. Life is crap and we all know it, but we r all too scared to say anything about it because then it might become real to us. What most don’t want to know is that it is real, it isn't a game and we need to change before it gets too out of hand. By that time we will all be screwed trying to figure out what went wrong. No one wants to be like their parents so let's change, and break away from the ordinary, and maybe just maybe we will succeed unlike the people before us and the ones before them and the ones before them. It is not likely we will succeed, not any have before us, but how will we know until we try? We need to do something or at least try...before it is too late... because what happens then? Will it be an ongoing cycle like it has been for eternity? Do you want this for your children? I don’t the feeling of not being happy doesn’t fly in my world and I want, I need to be able to be happy. So we need to fix this...who is with me?

The author's comments:
I just starting typing one day when i was angry at people its ok if you don't like it i just wanted people to read it.

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