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August 9, 2011
By camocountrygirl GOLD, Hot Springs, Arkansas
camocountrygirl GOLD, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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How many more men and women have to die before this war comes to an end. Some call it an endless war either way people are dieing. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, and brothers. Is it really worth losing all these precious American lives. Just the other day on the new I heard 30 more Americans were lost there helicopter shot down. Now we have more family's with loves ones lost. Didn't we supposedly kill Saddam Hussein. We went over to do what we needed we got back for 9/11 now its time to bring them home. Whether you agree or not about the war the least you can do is support the men and women in it. I mean don't me get me wrong does another decade have to go by before we get a president that sticks to his world about pulling them out. Look at Obama he said he would have the troops out by the end of 2012. Well looks to me he's likes not closer to doing that then when he announced it. I have a good friend of my that enlisted I don't want him to end up coming in a box for something that should have been over long ago. I was talking to a friend in the national guard a while back about a young man we lost in our town only 20 years old. He was saying the same as I am now that young kid there was no need for him to die but he did. HOW MANY MORE LIVES HAVE TO BE LOST BEFORE THEY GET TO COME HOME?!

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