I have a voice and it wants to be heard!

August 6, 2011
By WritngForTheWin GOLD, Portland, Oregon
WritngForTheWin GOLD, Portland, Oregon
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"Love is the Banner i fly over my head,
Even when im shacled to the whim of decite." -Unknown.

I talked to a man about everyday things one day, he was surprised at how much I was adimit about adult things and was surprised about how I understood what he was saying and could agree and share my own stories. This man was happy that I was a girl who had integrity, diversity, and a thirst for knowledge. I took him as a smart man that was not troubled that I was simply 14 and knew what I was talking about. Then, when I brought up my point of views on this spiraling world I live in, I was dismissed as a girl who knew nothing and I simply complained about everything; I never got a glance from him again. He did not want to hear what mattered to me and my views for I was a simple 14 years old girl.

If this man had listened to my words, wiser then my years, he would think he was as dumb as the dirt he stood on. For I have a lot to say about my world that I live in.

"What matters to you then?" You might ask.

A lot matters to me is the simplest I can say to you. In depth, what matters to me is the stuff that will effect me in the long run; such as my education! I come from a place where all they care about is the money they can save. Where does that leave me and the teenagers that want nothing more but to have a future? It leaves us teenagers that enjoy learning behind. I would say it was unfair but then what would you say?

"Life's unfair," every adult would scold me. Just for my outburst of criticism of the world that I will be apart of one day.

"I have a voice, and it wants to be heard!" I would want to yell at them back. I know my place though; I am 14 years old that has to respect her elders, even, If they neglect to realize that we are people too; Us simple teenagers.

If they did listen, I would tell them what was unfair. I would tell these adults not to treat us like we are low and nothing, simply 14 year old teenagers in a class to be talked to or children that knew nothing. I would tell them how unfair it was to be treated unequal even if we are young.

"I am the teacher and you are the student! You listen to me!" The lady that yelled this to me was a women that treated all of us like dogs that didn't have feelings. Yes, I am young but no, I don't deserve to be treated unequal. If people like that listened I would tell them all that we are their future and we grow up to be our surroundings! In this case, unequal.

What matters to me you ask? What the world has come to. You, adult, might think we are ignorant of whats going on, but do we not have Internet and television? How is the world suppose to hide from us if we have tons of resources and with a few typed words and a few clicks we will see everything you'd try and hide form us? We know all America tries to do is have a abundance of money. We think about how other countries hate us and why they do if we don't do anything. Why would they hate us if we didn't do anything? I think about how we are killing our planet and not succeeding to change it because there are those who are stubborn, lazy and ridiculously naive.

Those same people see me as a Latina American that is unable to speak English, when in fact I speak English well. I say that that matters to me; to be seen as Hispanic trash. Why are people so cruel? I was born in America and I am not trying to steal your things and take your job nor am I here to be your gardener or maid. I must say though, the racism has decreased over the years but there is still a large percentage that is still hesitant to let a little Hispanic girl use their phone to call her mom because her phone died and she needs to get home (That has happened to me). Discrimination matters to me and in my point of view I lose respect for anyone who has a stereotypical thing to say about another persons nationality.

No I am not just a teenager, I am a person with a voice.
Yes I have views and opinions about life and the world.
Yes, I hate discrimination.
No, I am not naive and am lower then you adults and you teachers. I am the same and I want to be heard!

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