The Heroism of Nature

July 10, 2011
By freedomwriter7 PLATINUM, T-town, Illinois
freedomwriter7 PLATINUM, T-town, Illinois
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"Nothing we learn in this world is ever wasted." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

ThinkGeek asks: did you know that Vulcans eat cookies only once every seven years?

What is a hero? I believe almost every single person has his or her own idea of “hero”. Is a hero a person who saves someone, or who commit random acts of kindness while reaping no physical benefits? But could a hero be a “something” instead of a “someone”? I believe so.

I look up to many people, and some of them could be considered heroes of mine. I pondered over whom I would write about today, but I was not sure of my topic until moments ago. I came outside with my laptop, and my two choices were Abraham Lincoln and Greg Mortenson, both of whom I could write plenty. However, being completely surrounded by nature, my thoughts were swayed. What if I really idolized something that has no ending, no heartbeat? What if nature is my true hero, and has been all along, but I had never taken the time to realize it.

Nature is my hero because, unlike people, her path cannot be altered. Rain dances do naught and wishing will not bring and Indian summer. Her storms do not stop when people board their windows, and her sunshine will not fade because of sun block soaked bodies. She has a wrath that no one questions, and through her outbursts, she is still loved and respected.

I look up to Nature because I believe that she is motherly. After the storm clouds dissipate, and the rain slides away, her sunshine cradles us like a cozy, gentle cradle of arms, bringing back the time when we were infants, dependent on and smiled upon by our mothers. Her warm days are like a safety net, a world languidly floating by, a content orange glow encasing our world.

May her heroism be questioned, remember; People curse her, look down upon her, attempt to harness her power, yet she comes out on top, unphased, unchanged. Never shall our power be as great as hers shall, but our success may be. Lessons can be learned from the battles she has fought, and her unbroken spirit through it all. I can assume that she has never doubted herself.

To say that she is evil would be wrong. To say that she is perfect would be wrong, as well. There is no word to describe her except for “great”, and not the most common meaning of that word, no. She is unattainable, yet everywhere and she is obviously limitless. Being a feminist, I would say that she is an excellent hero for women fighting for equality and such, because she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. What person could compare to all of that?

The author's comments:
Nature is truly inspiring.

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