My Own Story (A Reflection of Me)

July 7, 2011
You ask me to fall
And bare it all
Baring your heart scars and skin
You ask me to bare it all
And bare it all

Compassion is feeling for others caring them. Compassion is my double edge sword always worrying and wanting others to be happy and comfortable. to the point where i forget myself.
Take Eric or Alex I spent countless nights talking on the phone telling them that there was no need to worry and love will come and you look amazing. For god sakes on of them was 5’6 a 110 and lightly toned what the f*** of course you look good and people want you,

New sights and sounds
A new way to speak
messages through cyberspace
for love
How long before there no more forget me nots
Fast to fall slow to fade
All dust settles on our days

I am 14 its Valentines weekend
no Valentine for me so I spent the night at my Best friend Allan
I wake up and all i see is the pale gray light coming from the gloomy cloudy sky
I turn and see Robert fast asleep next to me in this tiny ass bunk bed
This is the second time we meet yet something about him was different and inviting
He tossed and turned and i scooted closer to wall to give him space
when his back was turn I some reason wanted to trace his spine with my fingers walking them up and down
i decided agaisnt it I am odd no crazy
Well when he and Allan woke Allan headed straight to the computer
He knew i was hurt that Allan would rather spend the day on a dam game then his Best Friend
So he asked me to go fishing and i said yes for some odd reason i normally would have screamed hell no
well he grabed the gear and headed to the river bed
where we talk and i dig deeper into his head we good down this rocky hill side which i nearly fall and face plant but the whole time he had my hand making sure i be ok
well we fished boring as hell but brought us closer
he also lost like 10 weights 5 baits and 3 hooks
along the wake we saw a man and his family fishing for their next meal saw his kids collecting broken glass well Robert talked to the man and gave him money well i gave the kids a piece of glass i found
later Robert cheered me up with a glatior movie and doing his hair different ways
i remember him everytime i look at this sand blasted glass
like him it seen and been through the hell but still had hope
Like Robert i have also been through hell

I am 12 at school
I walk towards my spot where i will spend another lonely lunch
everyone has left me because of her
she said it let the secert go and spread like wild fire to everyone
i see the glares and whispers
val sal and the others want me daed
i feel something hit me hard then another and more then i could count
i was being pelted with rocks
time goes by so slowy
i feel my body slow down like im stuck in sand
like i was part of a slow motion clip of an action movie
i hear the words as the rocks beat me
i look around see people i grew up with just watch and stare like i was
part of the circus

So look at me now i been through hell and back
I think i turned out pretty well if i say so
Ok I may not idea male , a Holister model, but damn it
I am me
The odd man that laughs and never shuts up
Someone who wears and gives his heart on a sleeve
S*** still hurts but I am able to move forward and not look back
so kiss my ass if you think i aint worth a damn or shouldnt be standing here

Sing me sweet songs of desire
Tell me the dreams of the empires
Let the world sleep as we watch
Hold me tight and never let go
Be pure and true tell me your soul

Do this all and I will lend you my soul
My heart is yours forever more
You are the sweet that never fades
Let the world watch
Because this is what is real and true desire

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