He's got whatever it is and I love him

July 26, 2011
By , Bloomington, MN
He gots whatever it is ... ( mom told her child )

A mother told her child one day: Son why are you making this into a big deal . If he is your best friend . He will understand that family comes first and that your sorry and that's all that counts !?>.....

Son : Thinks to hI'mself is this b**** f***ing crazy ! Does she not know why i keep talking about hI'm . Is she really that blind when i talk to her and try to tell her that I'm keeping my plans and I'm not going camping with the family she sees me star to tear up .

Mother says: Why are you crying he will come and visit another tI'me ?...

Son says : Really this weekend meant the world to me . you really have to make me go !

Mother says Of course you do that's what dad wants !

Son says : Well I'm not going I'm keeping my plans with my best friend that i hardly get to see .

Mother says: This again over and over in her head why is this person so I'mportent to you ?

Son : thinks to hI'mself ! you ask me why you crazy person i already told you I'm bisexual . Why don't you put two and two together its not that hard its actually very easy !

HE has my f***ing heart !

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