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June 23, 2011
By QueenSnave SILVER, California
QueenSnave SILVER, California
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Okay, everyone know's the popular music of choice: it's Pop. Right?

Maybe not. For the guys it seems to be a mix of "hardcore" rap, the artist's lyrics moving so fast that you can hardly hear the beat. However, every good popular girl should know her tracks.

I actually thought that I might of had this one. That is, until I took my challenge. Listen to 6 songs in a row on a popular music station, and name the name of the song and the artist (and of course, my opinion). Here we go:Italics are my guess, Bold is the correct answer

1)(Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars)
This one was an easy one to get just because the sheer number of girls at my school that croon this song to themselves and their friends. The first time I heard it I thought it was completely pathetic, and that this guy was just some lady charmer speaking lies to get on the radio. Of course, I fell in love with him in 'Grenade' (okay, more in love with his hairdo then anything else- getting hit with a train? That boy is DESPERATE). Did you know he wrote Cee Lo Green's 'F*** You' (See how I still can't swear? Read the previous article to know why)? Basically, all his sins were forgiven after that one.

2)(Backseat Driver by New Boyz)
Turns out it's only Back Seat (but I was close)! Personally, I only like about one line in this song, the part where he says: 'Oh you a good girl it's cool I play pretend too'. I really thought that part of the song was cool. However, when your dad continues to sing the part 'I met a couple girls in an escalade', it can easily turn a good song into one you dread.

3)(Sexy Chick by I have no idea David Guetta)
Kay....well, this song was one of those semi-perverted ones that leaves you feeling kind of nasty (kind of in a good way) after you listen to it. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Listen to PEACHES N' CREAM by 112). I guess it's okay. To put it in one sentence: I'm trying to find the words to describe this song without being disrespectful. (You'll understand what I mean if you read the lyrics- it's an inside joke)

4) (Rolling in the Deep by Adele) This song turned me off a lot, the most when I saw the music video. Middle-aged lady throwing powder and pounding glasses of water? Maybe I'm extremely dense, but I didn't understand any deep symbolism behind it. This song makes my want to be Rolling in my Grave-from indegestion.

5) (? by ?) (How to Love by Lil' Wayne)
Okay, sorry, I've only heard this song three or four times, and there's no annoying repeating chorus to give me any hints. The only lines I wrote down were 'you're so fly it's like a blessing' and 'you had a lot of moments that didn't last forever'. Luckily, google to the rescue! Anyways,this isn't a bad song, but it's kind of depressing. Does he have a daughter or something? Otherwise this song would be creepy.

6)(All of the Lights by ? Kanye West)
This song is pretty good. I like it except for the part where it's like: 'flash lights, strobe lights, all of the lights'. Unfortunately, that is about half the song. Go figure.

All in all I was able to name most of the songs/artists, so I won't embarass myself too much in public! (too late...) As you can also see, I wasn't a big fan of ANY of these songs. My favorite artist would have to be Lady Gaga (what, you couldn't tell by the LOVE GAME refrences?) or
P!NK (though I thought RAISE YOUR GLASS was meh). Take the test for yourself and learn a little more about some of the songs that play over and over on those pesky radio stations! Don't listen to radio? Youtube is a great option- they even make mix's for POPULAR artists (think Katy Perry, Justin Beiber). Apps for your I-product? I reccomend iheartradio, but you need wifi (maybe it works with 3G? Someone confirm?)to listen-try their station HIT NATION.

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