Popularity in 66 Days: The Perfect Bod

Hey guys, I apologize, but it looks like this entry is going to be a quickie because I have to go to the first basketball of the summer season (WELL, the first game I'm making it to, at least.) This I find bitingly ironic because this topic is probably one of the most important. Today I will rant about the skinny [insert word choice here] that seem to rule the school hierarchy. I mean, I'm not saying you have to be skinny to be popular. Okay, that is kind of what I'm saying. I personally have no issue with people at an average or above average weight, but tell me this: How many fat popular people do you see? Not many. In fact, at my school? None. Negatives, if that's possible (I'll find some way to put that into a joke later, just watch me!)

Myself? I'm about average height, average weight. 5' 4" and about 110 pounds (108 on a good day). That makes my BMI a healthy 18.7 (I use http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpabmi/Calculator.aspx ) I've never really had body/self esteem issues, and I don't consider myself fat. When I look in the mirror I see a pretty pretty (yes, that's BOTH meanings of pretty. I'm not one of those Southern Belle's who repeat the words in a childish tone. Sheesh.)

But let's face it, every girl thinks she can do a little better! That's why in the next 2+ months I will be trying to get abs (humor me here).

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do this. In fact, a quick search through google (search query "flat abs in 2 months". How creative is that) I found that it's actually pretty easy for someone like me. All I need to do is sprint, jog, swim, drink, eat 6 small meals, do crunches. Not at the same time, of course. I'd have to be Tiger Woods. (ha. Sorry, the 'just do it' jokes are getting old)

This is kind of my plan: Every day in the morning get 60 minutes of exercise. This shouldn't be hard for ANY of us considering that its SUMMER. I'm assuming most of us don't go to (academic) summer school (otherwise you'd be popular-see previous article). I personally wake up at 6:30/7 in the morning. I can't expect that of you guys, but I can expect the 60 minutes. I tried running yesterday, giving up after about 10 minutes and walking the rest of the way. (Hey, but I DID do 60 minutes. Okay, more like 50.) Today was swimming and basketball (60 minutes!), which was easier (read: not as effective). But I did tread the water for a couple reps (that is REALLY tough. NO JOKE).

Okay, this quickie is turning into a longie, so I will speed it up. Drink 8 glasses of water. Don't do the 6 meals thing, it's stupid- just eat healthy snacks when you're hungry. Do about 30 crunches a set, 5 sets a day. For sprinting? Run 100 feet, jog 90, run 80, jog 70 and so forth. Do that twice for one session, one session a day.

I may not be skinner (I'm not looking at the scale for this "diet"- I'm looking for definition!), I feel much more fit then I was a couple days ago. So give it a try- just remember, don't break the pattern! SERIOUSLY

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