Hunting, Not Murder Conservation

June 19, 2011
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Activists always say hunting is bad; deer, duck all of that. Do they realize what we are doing while hunting? One, we eat the meat we don’t just kill for sport. Two, what they don’t know is some associations, pro hunting associations donate to wildlife reserves. Three, many game animals would die without conservation which surprisingly to most activists means hunting. Blue tongue a disease native to deer spreads quickly with high populations. Cows from which we get steak would die if we did not turn them into steaks; there wouldn’t be enough grass for grazing and diseases would spread like wildfire. Now back to hunting, the same thing happens to any animal. There are laws that over-hunting of game animals and anyone who breaks this law is prosecuted. So, you can put down your protest signs and get off hunters backs because, if we don’t conserve these beautiful game animals, who will?

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