How many times should we try before we decide to ditch the damn thing?

June 16, 2011
By kangaroolover BRONZE, Oloplll, Other
kangaroolover BRONZE, Oloplll, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"There was this time when everything seemed to have come together. And obviously it was time to go and screw it all up".

A billion, I suppose.
I envy persistent people. They have this little motor which makes them keep going, even when they lose. Everybody at some point was, is or will be a loser. Simply, it is just a matter of time. What to do if you already reached the peak of the ‘looserines’ curve? Well either you double chocolate muffin + Bridget Jones set , or you can go for something more silhouette friendly- Ellen’s commencement speech given for the graduation day. In general commencement speeches always cheer me up. They are filled with joy, corny jokes and set sights for a bright future. A proper c – speech consists of 3 parts: explaining what is a commencement speech, announcing that you frankly do not know why someone chose YOU to give it, bringing up an example of a young yet poor/disabled/no life nerd/ studying modern languages girl or boy, who made their way from zero to multimillionaire. The speech is filled with loftiness. The best cure for a downhill. It makes you feel that anything is impossible, ‘hey if a nerd from Seattle could do it , so do I’ . I get the impression that the most important thing about the ‘common cement’ addresses is to get across with the message that life is full of twists. There are days which are imponderably joyful and ones that suck badly. Watching C- speeches always relaxes me before finals. Because I feel that whether I do or do not understand meiosis, go mad over my poor calculus or panic when seeing extremely long patterns, which are supposed to be physic equations – I know that somehow I will still live on. So as the British posters propagated at the beginning of world war two : Keep calm and carry on.

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